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Dance is more than just a sport, it's a passion. Dance is something you work hard for, something you put all of your spare time and effort into. Dance is a sport that you never want to give up on. When the day of your dance competition arrives, you put everything you have learned about dancing over the years, and show it all to the hundreds of people watching you. No matter how exhausted you are on that dance floor, you may not give up. You need to dance until the very end, until you are the best dancer you can possibly be. In order to be the best dance you can be, you need to practice during your spare time at home. The only way to get first in a dance competition is to practice all the time, make sure your dance costume looks exactly like the rest of your teams, and perform like you've never performed before.

The most exciting part of dance is the competitions, where you perform your dance in front of hundreds of people. Before you're able to perform, you need to make sure your hair, makeup, and costume looks perfect. Once your dance costume is ready, it's time to practice your dance before you go out on the floor. In your team's room while the coaches play the music, you need to either practice your dance or stretch. When your schools team is up next, everyone gets in a single file line and head towards the stage. Once you're there, all the dancers hook up and wait. They all wait until the announcers announce "Now dancing is the C. F. Bomber Dance Team!" Thats when all of your schools dancers head out onto the middle of the floor. Now the pressure is all on you. When the music starts is when you need to begin your dance. It's time to show the world what you have learned about dancing over the years. The crowd gives me and my team a standing ovation as the music ends. Everyone stands up and walks excitedly back to their team rooms and wait anxiously until it's time for the award ceremony.
As soon as all the dancers are called down to the gym for the award ceremony, all the dancers from towns all over Minnesota race down to the gym to see which teams were good enough to be in the top three best teams. All the dance teams anxiously wait for the announcer to add up the scores for each dance team. Finally he is ready to announce the winning teams. He stands up and says into the microphone "The school that came in second place is…. The Bombers!!!" Excited screams suddenly fill the stage. Every dancer from my school is jumping, screaming, and hugging one another. We got second place at the very first competition of the year 2013. All of the Dance Team is as excited as they would be if they won a ton of money at a competition. After those who've won calm down a bit, it's then time to visit your family and friends that came to cheer them on.
Visiting with your supportive family and friends is always fun especially when they bring you gifts such as flowers, shirts, ice cream etc. While visiting with them all the starved dancers stuff their faces full slices of pizza, smoothies, and ice cream. They continually eat until they can barely move. Once you've stuffed your face full of food, the dancers head back to their rooms to brag about how good they believe they did. they also go over all the mistakes they made while performing in front of two bleachers crowded with people. The dancers exchange hugs, congratulate each other, then start to go home with their families.

Dance is more than just a sport, its a passion. You have to work hard and push yourself in order to be the best dance team in the state. "You have to give your best, in order to BE the best" is a quote that the Bomber Dance Team coaches say to the dancers moments before every competition. No one should join dance just to say that they are in a sport, they should love to dance and give your best while in dance. That is what's going to make you an amazing dancer. Almost every Saturday for 3-4 months, you need to show off all the things you have learned about dancing throughout the years. Dance is my most favorite sport I have ever played. It is the one thing I absolutely love, and I personally miss dance and my fellow dancers, when it is no longer dance season for the year. Except now, I just have to wait until next November when my favorite hobby/sport might begin again.

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