Love & Peace Planet
Love & Peace Planet is a platform that creates and supports projects in social, public, commercial fields, that are targeted to realize its major mission.

The Mission:
-facilitate and foster more understanding between people from different countries regardless the nationality and geography;
-help to create more love & peace environment.

-to create several international projects, that will help to realize the mission of Love & Peace Planet Platform.
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Love & Peace Planet Projects
Love & Peace Planet Monument
New York
Building Love & Peace monument is our first priority project.

The key idea is to build similar Monument in 3 different countries and cities: New York , Moscow, Astana based on the crowd funding through the Challenge mechanics (As a prototype of the Ice Cube challenge )

The mission of the project is:
- to bring attention of the people from different countries and ages to major key value as Love & Peace
- unite their efforts and actions to building the symbolic place together (rather than promoting and enforcing self-centered approach of present trends, that are promoted in social networks);
- show to the whole world how similar are people regardless race and geography in each country and their willingness to live in peace and love;
- foster international cooperation and understanding.
- by creating a popular place remind younger generation of the key values of humanity, friendship, support, understanding, love and peace.

The Monument will be a public place close to a center of each city and open to public.


- though the crowd funding (such as Kickstarter.com platform, and individual donations through the Challenge mechanics as Ice Cube challenge) plus individual sponsors)

There will be a possibility to leave and memorize personal Hand print with the Name at the monument stairs as a special lot for donation. In case of the lack of funding , we will conduct a Love & Peace Marathon in New York, Moscow, Astana city to collect more donations.


Monument is a functional public place (eg. Central Park New York, Park near Cremlin Moscow and Center of Astana city).

The symbol of Love & Peace will be a big earth with the (lighting) Love & Peace hands symbol inside.

The globes will be standing on the glass room (platform) and 8 corner pyramidal stairs.

There will be 8 benches around the monument. Each bench will be made as a symbol made from 2 hands, presenting unity in different ways of friendship, love, forgiveness, peace, proposal, gratitude, understanding, joy, commitment.

There will also be a free WI-FI Zone and chargers for a phones.

In the following slide we will show more detailed overview of each element.
The Monument's symbolic meaning

Love & Peace Tribune

There will also be a public speaker's podium. Where any person will have a freedom to express its Love & Peace messages only and any message with ONLY positive inclinations such as: propose to a loved once, ask for a forgiveness, express gratitude and many more with ONLY positive inclinations.


The form of the platform and number of stairs have been chosen intentionally with the meaning attached to it.

The shape of the stairs platform is a symbolic OCTAGON pyramid with 8 stairs.

The symbolism of number 8 is harmony and balance, which leads to a positive energy flow and earthly success.

Octagon itself has a very profound meaning of unity and harmony in different interpretations.

Adding together 8 stairs with Octagon will lead to double joy energy and perceptions of this symbolic place for Love & Peace Monument.

As we stated earlier in the presentation, there will be a lot for each participant of crowd funding project to memorize its name with a hand print on the stairs as a special donation lot.
The concept can be seen in the slide.


Please pay attention to an interesting concept of the benches in the form of two hands, making different consolidating shapes.

Each bench is a separate monument itself with its special meaning and name withing the whole concept of the Love & Peace Monument.

Name of the benches: Excuse me (forgiveness), I love you (Or Love), Thank you (Gratitude), Have rest (relaxation), Happy (Happiness), Let's talk without phones (connection), Hug me (unity), Understand me (Support).

For instance, in the bench, named "Love" - a person can propose to its beloved once, in the bench - "Forgiveness"- anyone can ask for forgiveness, in the bench "Gratitude", anyone can express gratitude etc.

Glass room (platform for the Planet)

Underneath the Globe there will be a glass room, that will be used for presentations, advertisement and other activity that will be negotiated with Apple and Samsung to become a main sponsor of this part of the Monument globally.

Picture Zone

There will be special additional small miniature of the Monument for picture with Love & Peace hands united inside the Globe.

The principle will be as an automatic picture set. The participants will use coins to open the access to put hands inside the Globe and make a beautiful symbolic pictures and donate to create more Love & Peace on the Planet.

All donations from this machine will be used for the maintenance of the Monument and to the Love & Peace Charity foundation.
Love & Peace Marathon

In order to build this Monument and to bring more attention to the Love & Peace project, a Love & Peace Marathon will be held in 3 cities: New York, Moscow, Astana. The purpose is to bring more donations for the building of the Monument and for other project activities.
Music clip (video)
Sample video
Within the framework of the project it is vital to bring more attention to the Love & Peace issue globally. We will create a video clip for the song of Michael Jackson "Heal the World". The unique idea is to make videos in different countries for the same song translated into native languages of each country. Thus, the song will be translated into Russian and Kazakh and any other language if any other country would like to participate in the project.

The casting will be conducted as an open contest. The children who will appear in the video from each country will be selected regardless of their nationality or religious background. Children with limited physical abilities will take part in filming, too.
Love & Peace foundation
Love & Peace foundation will be created to support and facilitate funding of the projects and ideas related to the Love & Peace platform.

For instance, the crowd funding for the construction of Love & Peace Monument globally will be conducted and accumulated at the Foundation web page in the real time count down in percentage of donations in each city New York, Moscow, Astana. An idea for motivation to create a form of on line contest, - which country and city will have more collective power to create together for more Love & Peace in the world and show its unity and positive intentions to the world.

Work & Study Abroad
"Work & Study abroad" project is an intentional information database to facilitate intentional cooperation and exchange by proving complete information for the people in CIA to open possibilities to study and work in other countries as well as for other countries about opportunities to work and study in CIA.

To cover 100% of the information necessary for each person, that is looking for study or work opportunities.

At the first stage the portal will work for Russia and other CIA countries. Further on it will be spread to India to promote study in CIA and other countries.
"My Mentor" project
«My Mentor" project is aimed to help younger generation to find and connect with the best possible mentor in the required field of expertise. A real experienced field experts around the globe.

Together with the heads of the big successful companies from "Fortune 500", professionals, established speakers, motivators, scientists and artists

The means of the project is to develop and application and sign up all universities, schools and young professional to connect with established real professionals of the fields not the bloggers and semi trainers.
Love & Peace production

-to create beautiful motivating stories of friendship/ international friendship, love/ international love, dignity, heroism, support to others in order to promote and bring more attention of the people of 21 centuries to a key human values and unity.

-to create a series of movies for social networks (and cinemas), based on real life stories from different countries.

Tools: The content for the movies will be collected through the on line open contest on the Love & Peace Planet network channels ("Best love story", "Best friendship story" etc.)
The scenarios will also be chosen based on the on line contests for the best Scenario.

Financing: Though the crowd funding, sponsorship and product placement

Love & Peace Planet animation


By creating a positive super hero "Lovic", to deliver to a little audience the idea of basic human values such as friendship, support, love, respect to parents and older people, dignity, understanding.

Further on, as the idea of the animation will become popular , there will be a merchandise department to produce and trade the popular toys, clothes, games etc.
Game "Create your Love & Peace Planet"

Application game "Create your Love & Peace Planet"

The idea:

To give the opportunity to the players to become a global player and develop skills and understanding of a global cooperation by creating countries.

At the first level they will have to create 2 countries by all means economy, administrative structure so that they harmonize synchrony in development from the given resources. And then organize mutually beneficial trade and cooperation as they get through this level they can add third country and so forth up to 10 countries.

Players will be granted different ranks and titles for every level of achievement such as a attache, consul, ambassador, vice minister, minister, vice prime minister, prime minister and finally the president of the Love & Peace Planet.

During the game the players will be given the possibility to buy enforcements of the game (using internal Love & Peace currency) and also get a unique tasks to make negotiations with the aggressor state and reach a peace treaty.
Creating the coupon and bonus system for the Love & Peace Platform projects users
Bonus and internal currency project
This system is aimed to create big Love & Peace Planet global community. Where every registered user will have the opportunity to get benefits, privileges, coupons for any Love Peace project (such as "Work & study abroad", "My mentor", games etc.) and also in different service companies (such as cafe, restaurants, hotels, air and rail companies).

Users of the system will get the benefits in the form of Crypto currency for them on line wallet for every activity that is helping in realizing the mission of the project (e.g. for reposing from Love & Peace networks, for creating video content or attracting more friends).

To fostering Crypro currency there will be an ICO to establish more tokens and have more funds for further development.
Social Media
Several accounts in popular social networks
Currently Love & Peace Planet has several accounts in all popular social networks in 2 languages Russian and English.

At the moment project is working on increasing the followers and quality of the content to deliver proper Love& Peace messages.

Currently the content is being funded by the founder of the Love & Peace Planet and it is projected that further the content will be user motivated content.

Also, as it has been mentioned earlier, there will be a benefits and bonus systems and own currency to facilitate the interaction between users on the Love & Peace Platform.
Love & Peace Cafe
A sample of the physical project in different places, perhaps near the monument Love & Peace Cafe is a social place for leisure, healthy food, meeting friends and family.
The Sturbacks concept with new socializing patterns for Love & Peace followers will be applied.
Thank you and join Love & Peace Planet!
Together we can change the world!