Why Traveling Is My Passion
Author: Natasha Freire

5 Reasons Why I Travel

Traveling has not only been something that I do, but it has been something that has become a part of me. I have this passion to travel. I haven't been all over Europe or every continent but I have had my share of travel. I've been to seven different countries and to several states. I just have this drive to just pack up my bags and go somewhere. It's like when you have an itch and you start itching...you can never stop. This is me with traveling. I just want to GO GO GO! Here are some of the big reasons why I travel:
1. The Food
Tasting an authentic dish from a different country can be scary—especially for me since I am a picky eater. But most of the time the food that I've tried has been so tasteful! Many countries have pride in their food, so my advice is to be brave and adventurous and try some authentic dishes from the country you visit. It could be the best meal you've eaten in your entire life!
2. The People
You not only get to know natives but you also get to meet people all over the world. When I go to Costa Rica, I always meet someone that is travelling from Europe. I think that is the coolest part about traveling: getting to meet people from all over. Networking is a thing, and you never know who you'll meet!
3. The Culture
Every country has their own culture. When I went to Zimbabwe, their culture was completely different from what I had ever experienced. It was nice getting to know their culture and be invited into it. My biggest advice would be to get integrated into their culture and don't be afraid to ask questions about it.
4. The Adventure
There are so many cool beaches, jungles, and forests around the world that bring adventure. If you are anything like me, I seek adventure. I once jumped off a cliff and did a 230 foot free fall. I have also zip lined across a rainforest and gone cave hunting behind a waterfall. These are just a few that I have a done. I love traveling to different places and looking up adventurous things to do there.
5. The Beauty
I love taking pictures. For this reason, I am always on a hunt to find the most breathtaking sunset, waterfall, or landscape that I have ever seen. I think, because I have this reason to hunt for beauty, I am always wanting to travel. I follow travel accounts on Instagram, and when I see a breathtaking place, I write it down in my places to travel journal.

Honduras Traveling is not only a way to get away—it's a way to learn and experience life through different cultures and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you haven't gotten to travel before, start somewhere small and close. I know it can be scary to go somewhere where you don't know people or maybe the language, but I promise that it helps you grow as a person and you'll get to experience something new. Having a travel bucket list is always a fun idea. I like to write down places that I would like to travel someday, so when you do visit, you get to cross it off the list!

Source: theodysseyonline
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